Name: Calum Jamieson
D.O.B.: 5th April 1968
Instrument: Guitar
Influences: Rush, Marillion/ Fish, King's X, UFO etc.

I'd always had a flirtation with music, be it with the image, or the feeling of being different. Then, at the age of thirteen or fourteen I was introduced to the likes of Rush and Marillion…they changed my life forever.

What followed was years of trying to find like-minded people to play music with, not necessarily with the same tastes, but in it for the same reasons - love of playing. In a way I succeeded, I played with loads of folk who fitted the bill, but never at the same time or place. Add to that the vicious circle most bands get swamped down in - can't get gigs without half decent gear, can't afford gear without half decent paying gigs - I quit aged twenty. Sold the lot.

By '96 I was interested again, trying to write, trying to re-group and after an aborted attempt to get it together I joined a local band called 'stepson'. There was a lot of potential there; it got my writing back on track. - it's like riding a bike…apparently…

Then the rot set in, apathy, people not wanting to gig etc. So, we recruited a new singer and guitarist and got out live again under the moniker of 'mind gone blind' things were going well, or so I thought… exit, singer…

So here we are, a new singer on board and sounding good. I'm eventually in a band that is democratic and fun. Our influences are diverse - the melting pot is overflowing with a heady brew!! There have still been problems. This year, due to bad luck and illness has been a disaster! If the chemistry wasn't there we would've folded for sure.

Cue… newexperimentsinnoise. This is a collection of songs that for one reason or another haven't made the set list yet - but I hope they will! Some have been around for a while, and some are very new. I decided to get them 'out there' while the band was inactive. I'll continue to work and release material alone, but I sincerely hope that the next disc will be by 'mind gone blind'.

'crawl the web, trawl the net
Make friends with something you've never met.'

If we've never met, I hope we do…
If we have…so sorry, didn't mean it, I was very, very drunk at the time!!